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My Passion is to provide a safe non-judgemental place that helps you to navigate the hard places of life and explore the issues that are of personal concern to you. Using various strategies and therapies, I can help you to explore the issues your struggling with and let you see things from a new perspective, discovering hidden strengths and potential. I am an accredited counselor with ACA with over 30 years of experience in pastoring, making me well equipped to help you. Specialties include but are not limited to: CBT (cognitive behavior therapy ) Spiritual identity Relationships Self-esteem and self-awareness


Counselling Online or face to face in Boronia and Wantirna. Book a session by clicking Everyone has a unique story, and sometimes you just need someone to walk with you and assist you understand how the pieces fit together. Most people have an idea that something is not going as planned in their lives but are not sure what to do next. I assist them to find a different a way to walk through life and allow them the opportunity to reflect and discover a solution. You are welcome to contact me for a no obligation discussion about how we might work together towards your healing. Mobile 0414 463 448. My areas of expertise include: Relationships, Gender Support, Self Esteem, Grief, Abuse recovery, Trauma recovery, Depression, Anxiety, Anger Management, Fear, Public Speaking skill development, Body Image issues, Stress Management, Assertiveness training, Sexual issues, Addiction, Managing criticism, Personality understanding and development, Intimacy and much more


Welcome to a safe space to contemplate the tougher issues of life. Helping hurting people is my passion and the reason I became a Counsellor. Within a non-judgmental, compassionate and friendly environment, I support individuals to find healing and to move forward with their lives. Positive changes are promoted by guiding clients to build on existing strengths, creating empowerment and developing new skills to manage current difficulties. With an integrated, client-centred approach I specialise in areas, but not limited to; anxiety, carers's support, depression, personal issues, relationships, self-worth, stress, student support and a work/life balance. Throughout my career I have been passionate about delivering care to others in an empathetic and respectful manner. In leadership ministry I have supported the elderly, women, and children in the community. I am a Registered Counsellor with The Australian Counselling Association. I have a Diploma of Counselling (Christian), Advanced Diploma and Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Integrated Psychotherapy. Need to talk to someone, feeling stuck, sad or overwhelmed? Please feel free to contact me. I look forward to walking along side you in your journey.


Life does not always go in a straight line. We cannot change what happened, but we have the capacity to change what happens from NOW. Our experiences can evolve to deliver the best version. Let’s work together to help you achieve your goals and the right balance. I am a registered counsellor with extensive and ongoing involvement in workplaces, culturally diverse communities, life coaching, and entrepreneurship. Our niche areas at WISE Counselling include family, men's wellbeing, youth, relationships, relocation & resettlement, career, mental health, and personal development.


I am here to provide a supportive environment to help you work through current circumstances and build resilience and growth. I would love to see you express your unique talents and passions in ways that promote harmony and flourishing for you individually and in your relationships. I am a registered counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association. I've completed a Bachelor of Behavioural Studies (Psychology) and a Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Integrated Psychotherapy (Spiritual) and am currently working toward my Master of Counselling. I look forward to hearing from you and to coming alongside you on your journey.


Melanie is passionate about supporting individuals to navigate difficult times in their lives. Specialty practice areas include grief, loss (including pet loss), parenting after separation (particularly for people of faith), and navigating life changes. Melanie is experienced in supporting people regardless of their spiritual beliefs. Melanie listens with warmth, empathy, and offers support to clients to integrate their life experiences with their faith, values and events that brought them to seek counselling, in a safe and supportive environment.


Christian counselling for women journeying through abuse recovery, trauma, self-worth and acceptance, Christian identity and growth, shame and guilt issues, boundaries, assertiveness, grief and loss, depression, intimacy with God, Christian leadership burn out, returned missionaries, spiritual abuse, exiting/recovery from Christian cults, cross cultural counselling. Please feel free to personally contact me at should you have any questions. As a professional counsellor, my goal is to create a warm, safe and non-judgmental listening space where you will feel valued and understood. My counselling approach is very person-centred. I use an evidence-based counselling model, which is wholistic, (body, soul & spirit) and eclectic, drawing from a range of counselling streams. I have also enjoyed many years of working cross-culturally in a variety of ministry roles and contexts both in Australia and overseas. Adv. Dip. in Counselling and Family Therapy (Christian), Cert. IV in Counselling, Bach. of Visual Arts.


Robyn has been counselling in private practice since 2006 working with clients encountering a broad range of issues. She feels passionate about her practice and privileged to work alongside you as you process issues and receive insights to bring about change in your life. Robyn is a Clinical Member of the Christian Counsellors Association of Australia, and Level 2 member of the Australian Counselling Association and a member of their College of Supervisors. Robyn’s wide range of training and experience enables her to facilitate counselling for individuals and couples, and provide supervision for Counsellors, Counselling students, Pastors, Chaplains and Pastoral Carers. A discount may be available for students in some courses. Robyn is also an experienced trainer who may be able to assist in promoting and maintaining mental health within your organisation


Hi, I'm Mia - your counselor to call when you are tired of feeling stressed, unhappy or stuck. Regardless of what brought you here, you will be met without judgement in your confidential appointment. You, your time & resources are important. Therefore, giving you the best powerful tools to get the results you want as quickly as possible is at the heart of this practice. Mia is a registered counsellor working within ACA's code of ethics, experienced in helping people overcome the thinking and feelings that hold them back. Mia is 46, married with 3 grown children. Modalities used in the session are Solution-focused, ACT, Trauma Informed, Neuropsychotherapy and NLP to help move beyond past limitations, clarifying & moving towards being the person you want to be. You are encouraged to ask questions to determine if this relationship will be a good fit for you as the therapist/client relationship is paramount to the counselling process. Testimonies (names not disclosed to protect privacy) * Professional and caring. I was pleasantly surprised at how effective it was even in the session, I was not expecting it to be that good, to be honest * Specifically, I've had the biggest changes in the areas of sleep (which is a million times better now), and in the way I talk to myself regarding study! I've consistently used the ACT you taught me and it's unblocked a wall I thought I never could. Also, releasing tears and things that I'd bottle up has been so positive. You hold such a safe space where I feel heard and helped Mia. Thank you SO MUCH for everything! * Above and beyond what I paid for. I'd like to thank you for this. The sessions have been confronting, but I think it's what I need. It's nice just to talk in a safe place * I am already finding it very useful after one session


I have spent many years supporting others through my local church and business. I have now ventured into the counselling field. I am a fully qualified counsellor having studied with AIFC and Stirling Theological College. My passion is to help people be the best they can as they journey through life with the many challenges we face. I am particularly interested in the Mental Health, Identity and grief and loss areas. I would love to chat with you and journey with you as you become the person you want to be.